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Dear Interested Instructor Candidates,


You have arrived at this page because you intend to become an AHA BLS Instructor.  We can help!  Below we provide an overview of AHA policies and procedures as well as what equipment and supplies you are required to bring to the class.  It’s a lot to read, but some of you may not know the process of becoming an AHA BLS instructor.  If you have any questions, contact Steve by email at:


Below is an overview of what is required to be certified as an AHA instructor.  Always keep in mind, the policies are AHA policies.

  • Obtain conditional alignment with an AHA Training Center.  You will have conditional alignment with the training center– Premedics, Inc dependent upon completion of the AHA BLS Instructor Class and successful monitoring class.

  • Attend an AHA Online BLS Instructor Session.  The $34 fee is paid directly to AHA.  This session must be completed prior to meeting in-person with the instructor trainer.

  • Attend in-person session (virtually on Zoom.US) (5-hour class).  $350.00 fee (includes instructor course plus monitor session) paid directly online to CPR Saves Lives, LLC when you enroll on this page.

  • Complete a monitor session.  We will simulate a BLS class after the instructor course on Zoom.  You will practice teaching BLS to the other instructor candidates in your class.


Below is the schedule.

  • AHA BLS Instructor Essentials Online Course.  Taken directly from AHA website.

  • AHA Instructor Course 8 am to 1 pm.  Taken directly from CPR Saves Lives, LLC virtually.

  • Lunch 1 to 1:30 pm

  • Monitor Course 1:30 until completed. 


First Steps:

  1. Possess an AHA Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR card.  If you do not have one, you must get one before the instructor course.

  2. Complete an Instructor Application that will be emailed to you.

  3. Complete the online portion of the instructor course called, “Instructor Essentials.”  Here is URL:

  4. Enroll in the skills portion of the instructor course below on this page.  Attend class virtually on Zoom.US.  You will get an invitation from us before the class.

  5. Complete the instructor monitor course after the instructor course on Zoom.US


Affiliation with Training Site:  CPR Saves Lives, LLC – your point of contact.

Alignment with Training Center:  Premedics, Inc located in Tennessee – issues certifications.

After your complete the process outlined above through CPR Saves Lives, LLC, you will receive your BLS instructor card from Premedics.  If you intend to align with another AHA Training Center (different from the one I am aligned with), please contact them for a BLS instructor course rather than us. 


To affiliate with CPR Saves Lives, an approved AHA Training Site, you must:

  1. Possess an AHA BLS basic level card.

  2. Possess AHA BLS instructor card.

  3. Complete an Instructor Application.

  4. Provide one (1) reference.  Complete a pre-course interview on Zoom.US.

  5. Sign Training Site Agreement. (Currently renewed annually).  Annual affiliation fee is $100 per year, but it is waived the first year.

  6. Turn in hard copies of your course records to CPR Saves Lives, LLC in order to receive digital student certifications in return.

  7. Deliver American Heart Association’s courses according to their guidelines and procedures. 

  8. Be monitored every 2 years by an instructor trainer from your Training Site.


Training Site Fees:

  1. $8.50 fee per each BLS card.

  2. $22.00 fee per each Heartsaver card.

Annual affiliation fee is $100.00. (Covers cost of quality control and records storage).  Waived first year of your affiliation.

Course materials that you must purchase and bring to the BLS Instructor Course.  You may purchase them at the designated location online:

  1. 2020 AHA BLS Provider Manual - SKU: 20-1102

  2. 2020 AHA BLS Instructor Manual - SKU: 20-1103

  3. 2020 AHA BLS DVD set – SKU:  20-1105

In order to teach BLS classes, you will need manikins and other accessories.  If you already possess the approved equipment (manikins with audio and visual feedback), please bring one of each item listed below to the in-person (virtual) instructor class.  

If you need to purchase everything, you can buy the equipment at  You will need at least one of the following to bring to the in-person instructor class.  You can purchase additional supplies later before you start offering BLS classes.

1. Prestan Adult Feedback Manikin – SKU:  10-216

2. Prestan Infant Feedback Manikin – SKU:  10-453

3. Adult BVM – SKU:  20-185

4. Infant BVM – SKU:  20-163

5. AED Trainer – SKU:  30-215

6. Adult CPR pocket mask with valve – select one at worldpoint

7. Infant CPR pocket mask with valve – select on at worldpoint.


Finally, becoming an AHA BLS instructor involves a significant investment on your part.  Please be sure that there is an available market in the area you choose to have your business.  Keep in mind that an alignment with Premedics, Inc permits you to offer AHA BLS classes in any of the U.S. states and territories.



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