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Dear Interested Instructor Candidates,


Becoming an American Heart instructor involves a process.  Below are the steps that need to be completed prior to becoming an instructor. Keep in mind that these are AHA requirements.


  1. Possess an AHA Basic Life Support basic level card.

  2. Complete an Instructor Application.  Provided to you at instructor course.

  3. Complete the online portion of the instructor course called, “Instructor Essentials.”  Here is URL:

  4. Enroll in the skills portion of the instructor course below on this page.

  5. After Instructor Course, teach at least one public course while being monitored by your instructor trainer or the AHA Training Center that you choose to align with.


You must currently have an AHA Training Center that is willing to align you with the American Heart Association.  CPR Saves Lives, LLC is recruiting for qualified instructors to affiliate with their Training Site.


CPR Saves Lives, LLC is an authorized “Training Site” that is aligned to Premedics.  Premedics is a National AHA “Training Center”.  Premedics is no longer directly accepting instructor candidates for alignment.  You can indirectly align with Premedics by affiliating with CPR Saves Lives, LLC.  CPR Saves Lives will obtain alignment from Premedics on your behalf.


Training Center alignment/Training Site affiliation:  You can take the BLS instructor course with CPR Saves Lives, LLC and apply to another Training Center for alignment or you can affiliate with CPR Saves Lives, LLC.  CPR Saves Lives will do your monitor course if you intend to affiliate with us.  If you choose to align with another Training Center, you have the option to do your monitor course with us or with your chosen Training Center.  (You should check with your Training Center, because they may want to do your monitor class).


After your complete the process and if you choose the affiliate with CPR Saves Lives you will receive your instructor card from Premedics.  If you choose another Training Center, they will likely issue your instructor card.


To affiliate with CPR Saves Lives, an approved AHA Training Site, you must:


  1. Possess an AHA BLS basic level card.

  2. Possess AHA BLS instructor card.

  3. Complete an Instructor Application.

  4. Provide one (1) reference.

  5. Sign Training Site Agreement. (Currently renewed annually).

  6. Turn in hard copy course records to CPR Saves Lives, LLC.

  7. Deliver American Heart Association’s courses according to their guidelines and procedures.

  8. Be monitored every 2 years by faculty from your Training Site.


Training Site Fees:


  1. $10.00 fee per each BLS card.

  2. $22.00 fee per each Heartsaver card.


Annual affiliation fee is $100.00. (Covers cost of quality control and records storage).


Materials required for BLS Instructor Course:

  1. BLS Provider Student Handbook - SKU: 15-1010

  2. BLS Provider Instructor Manual - SKU: 15-1009


You may order the materials from  They deliver materials quickly.


It is not possible or practical to include every detail in this flyer.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!





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